Classic yachts

are boats designed by Polish designers and built in the Polish shipyard no later than 30 years ago

"Of all the living creatures upon land and sea, it is ships alone that cannot be taken in by barren pretences, that will not put up with bad art from their masters."

Joseph Conrad - The mirror of the sea

Activities of the Classic Yachts Foundation

The main purpose of the Foundation is to protect classic yachts as cultural property and national heritage. In addition, we do the following:

Renovations and repairs

We carry out renovations and repairs of classic yachts in Poland and abroad. See photos from projects in which we participated


We arrange cruises on historic yachts. We have over 20 years of experience in organizing sea cruises, and 30 years in sailing.

Valuations and reviews

We will help you decide whether to buy a historic yacht, which will allow you to avoid many surprises and, above all, unnecessary costs.

Training and workshops

During our work on antique boats you can gain unique experience.

Films and documents

More than 10 years of experience in the film industry gives us the opportunity to produce various types of films related to sailing.

Care over historic Polish yachts

We take care of classics. If you have a historic Polish yacht, please contact us.

Our projects

We protect historic Polish yachts. At the moment the following units are under our sole care:

s/y Smialy

s/y Śmiały

There is no need to introduce this yacht to anybody. The greatest Polish seamen passed through its deck. Śmiały's pioneering expeditions set the directions for further ambitious cruises of Polish vessels. One of the three remaining Y-140 yachts, ‘Śmiały’, was launched in 1960 at the Gdańsk Shipyard. It served in the Sailing Training Centre in Trzebież for a long time, so now, before it returns to the oceans, it needs to undergo renovation.

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s/y Jarl

s/y Jarl

One of the two remaining yachts of Conrad II type, launched in 1961 at the Shipbuilding League of the Soldier's Friends League in Szczecin. It belonged to PTTK Rejsy club from Warsaw for most of its life. Currently, the yacht is undergoing complete reconstruction. Moreover, we are also trying to recreate the history of the yacht.

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s/y Ina

s/y Ina

J-80 yacht, steel heavy-cruiser jol. The series of this yachts was designed in 1967 and 23 units of this type were created. Ina's hull ordered by PZŻ (Polish Yachting Association) in the Płock River Shipyard was ready in 1981. This yacht built by the Szczecin Yacht Shipyard was launched in 1987 and served in the Sailing Training Centre in Trzebież.

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