s/y Jarl

‘Jarl’ is a 38-foot Conrad II sloop designed at the turn of the 1958 and 1959 by Ryszard Langer and Kazimierz Michalski.

s/y Jarl

The yacht lines were based on the pre-war ‘Konrad’ yacht owned by LPŻ, with some changes in dimension, which were to raise the regatta values of KR and RORC. It increased the comfort of rooms and seakeeping, as well as it improved the stability at small angles of heel.

Total length Lc = 11.45 m
Total width Bc = 2.70 m
Maximum draft Tm = 1.71 m
Side height Hk = 2.40 m
Displacement D = 6.80 t
The height of the rigging Ht = 13.00 m
Sail area S = 49.00 m2

‘Jarl’ has been repeatedly modified and rebuilt during its 58-year life. In 1971 the interior layout was changed and a new superstructure was erected while in 1980 a new aluminium rigging was installed. The yacht also has a centre of gravity lowered by 10 cm compared to the design, which significantly improved the righting moment.

Currently the boat is undergoing complete reconstruction as all frames, stem and stern, knees and floors, as well as part of the planking are being replaced. ‘Jarl’ will receive a new interior, engine, all installations and equipment. However, the last silhouette or colour of the yacht will not be changed. The Vega-style superstructure will still be mahogany, and the sides will be white.

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s/y Jarl

Yacht history
‘Jarl’ was built in the Boatbuilding Workers' League of the Soldier's Friends in Szczecin in 1961 for the PTTK Sailing Tourist Club ‘Rejsy’, and under its flag he was flying continuously until 2002. Together with the twin Elem (ex Pomorzanin) it is one of two surviving yachts of this type, the rest from the series of 14 units.

We want to recreate the history of the yacht, which is why we urge all people who sailed ‘Jarl’ to contact us. Search photo albums, check out old sailing books. We'll be grateful for your help.